Zanesville and Muskingum County Attractions.


Destination Zanesville

Zanesville and Muskingum County offers a rich history, blossoming art community, a vibrant and flourishing Art Museum and many outdoor recreation, hiking and biking trails.

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Zanesville art community.

Artists are involved in education, outreach, and cultural enrichment. Our  vibrant art community contributes to the culture,  community development and economic growth of downtown Zanesville. 

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Alan Cottrill Sculptor Studio

World renowned sculptor and artist, Alan Cottrill, has bronze statues and sculptors all across the country!  He operates his studio and and bronzeworks in downtown Zanesville, Ohio. He and his staff offer a tour of the entire bronze work process and add that special touch of treating you like friends.  This is a MUST SEE in Zanesville and Muskingum County Ohio

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Historic Putnam Trail

Zanesville Museum of Art

Zanesville Museum of Art celebrated it's 82nd anniversary in 2017.  It offers an exciting suite of exhibitions of Ohio and international art collections.

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Yan Sun Art Studio

Art Museum, Art Gallery, and Artist Studio.  You would expect this art museum to be large city and it is right here in Zanesville, Ohio.  A must see in our downtown art community.

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